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Sku: Butta-Milk and Lemon Butta Combo
Lush Yummies Pie

This delicious pie set comes packed with the flavor of not one but two pies! The two pies include our Award Winning Lemon Butta Pie and our NEW Butta-Milk Caramel Pie! 

Our decadent Lemon Butta Pie is a go to pie! This award winning pie is a sweet mix between Lemon Meringue and Cheesecake. It is full of fresh squeezed lemon juice and sweet creamy butter! Our Lemon Butta Pie has been featured on Good Morning America, EATER, and ESSENCE just to name a few! 

Our new Butta Milk Caramel Pie is rich with locally sourced Buttermilk and homemade dough stacked with delicious butter and sugar. This pie is topped with the best house-made sea salt caramel and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. 

Order processing time. Each pie is handmade in small batches. Shipping can take up to two weeks! Pies are shipped on ice! Free shipping in some states and flat rate shipping in others.